Creating Captivating Portrait Lighting

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Portrait lighting techniques are important for you to know. Nowadays we need to know many techniques of photography, including lighting. If you are good at using this technique, your photos will be much more interesting.

Light plays an important role in a photo. The light that is not right will make the photo look ordinary. However, if you can make the right touch, the photos you produce can have a dramatic impression.

The photos you produce can seem to tell a story. Like a living photo. For this reason, it is very important to learn about lighting in photography.

Creating Captivating Portrait Lighting

Portrait Lighting Techniques that you can follow

A good photo is not just a photo captured with a good view. However, a good photo must have character, and life, and make people interested in seeing it. That way, the photos you take can be said to be good.

But, good is relative. However, making photos more dramatic is one of the important things for you to do. You don’t need to satisfy everyone, but there are many people who will be satisfied with your work.

One way you can make photos more lively is by adjusting the lighting. So, here are portrait lighting techniques that you can follow.

Catch the Light in the Model’s Eyes

If you use a model for a photo session, you can catch the light from your model’s eyes. Beautiful eyes will make for amazing photos. However, to get perfect highlights it must be done with good technique.

You can place light on the face of the model. Get the right light to get beautiful eyes. Well, then you can take a photo.

Split Lighting

This portrait lighting techniques is widely used because it has a dramatic effect on photos. You can divide light into two, namely bright light and shadows in one object. For example, on the face of the model.

Light like this is usually done for male models. Remembering, it can make a man’s impression more masculine.


This technique is also very effective to use. Maybe sometimes we avoid this position. But, if you can arrange it in such a way, you will get perfect results.

There are many more techniques that you can use, such as loop lighting, Rembrandt lighting, under lighting, short lighting, and so on. However, the technique above can be a reference for you.

So, those are the Portrait Lighting Techniques that you can follow. You can choose the technique that best suits your wishes.