Capturing Time with Long Exposure Photography

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You can do long exposure photography to get amazing photos. This long exposure technique will produce stunning images like a Photoshop effect. This is because long exposures will reveal amazing photos such as car light trails. The car’s light trails will be visible clearly and uniquely like a Photoshop editing effect.

Capturing Time with Long Exposure Photography

Long Exposure Photography, Make Photos Look More Amazing

Long exposure photos will involve various shutter speed settings over a long period. This can create amazing motion capture and effects for a photo. Later there will be extraordinary movements and effects that the normal eye cannot see. Using this technique can allow you to capture immovable objects.

Later the moving elements will become blurry and look beautiful. An example of this photo is a sea view that highlights star trails and looks like vehicle lights at night. All these photos will look amazing and unique.

How Long Exposure Works

Long exposure photos require a longer shooting duration than usual. You can set the camera photometer for a longer time. This method generally works by shooting a time of about 1/2 second or more.

This will of course be slower than shooting which is generally 1/50 of a second or less. When taking long exposure photos, you must use manual mode. This will maximize the return on long exposure photos.

Long Exposure Camera Settings

Long exposure photography requires proper camera settings for better results. Make sure to set the camera correctly such as aperture, ISO and shutter speed. To use the long exposure technique, you can use a low ISO setting. You can use ISO 100 if the light is sufficient.

Apart from that, you can also set the aperture between f/8 to f/16. You can adjust the aperture to suit the view and duration of ambient lighting. You need to set the shutter speed for a longer time depending on the light in the scene, such as 10 seconds or even more.

Long Exposure Technique Equipment

When using long exposure techniques you need to bring some equipment. Some of this equipment can certainly make taking photos easier. The first piece of equipment you must bring is a camera. Make sure to bring a camera with advanced features such as one with a shutter priority feature.

Next, you also need to bring a tripod to capture images. The following will help the camera remain stable when using the long exposure technique. The next piece of equipment is a filter holder which can make the lens more optimal.

Long exposure photography can make photos look more interesting and special. Using this technique seems to be able to produce photos like Photoshop effect edits.