Camera Angle Techniques Bring Your Shots to Life

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Proper camera angle techniques are a mandatory task for a photographer. This technique will bring out a certain impression of the results of the photo. This technique applies without exception to both beginner and professional photographers.

Simply put, the camera angle is the angle of view of the camera, where the user will place the camera at special points. Of course, the aim is to bring out other people’s perceptions when enjoying the results of your shots.

If you want the maximum results you have expected so far, consider mastering this photography technique. In addition to photography, the world of cinematography also demands fluency in applying camera angles.

Camera Angle Techniques

Getting to Know Camera Angle Techniques in General

The use of camera angles is one of the arts in the world of cinematography. Not only for the need to record images, this technique also can define the atmosphere, strengthen the narrative, and captivate the audience. The various camera angle concepts that we commonly hear include:

High Angle

From the name of the concept, of course, you can already guess if this camera angle technique is in the form of shooting, where the angle of view is higher than the object. Thus, a high angle can create a degrading effect.

Often the application of this technique is to describe the hopelessness or helplessness of character. In suspense scenes, the high angle gives a dramatic feel while showing fragility.

When using the camera’s high angle technique, automatically the head of the object looks much larger than the foot. Place the camera on its side down.

Later, the resulting shot will reveal weak and helpless visuals. Meanwhile, observers of photos or objects seem to show the impression of being more powerful.

Low Angle

This technique is contrary to the high-angle camera techniques. The resulting photo showcases the visual power and dominance of the target object of your shot.

Visual photos with low angles are stronger. This is an effective way to emphasize the strength or courage of the character.

Place the camera on an upward tilt. At first glance, the angle of view seems to be under the object’s fist. Connoisseurs of your photos will also feel amazed infinitely.

Eye Level

Another is with the camera angle techniques and eye level. This technique selects the angle of view by aligning the object of the photo and the position of the user’s eyes.

The eye level technique can provide the most natural perspective. Automatically, eye level allows the audience to feel connected to the characters and scenes directly. On the other hand, it can create deeper emotional involvement.

Dutch Angle

By tilting the camera at an unconventional angle, this technique creates an unstable visual effect or creates discomfort. This one technique is always used by photographers often in action or tense scenes to strengthen the tense atmosphere.

There are still some camera angle techniques. If you know all the camera angle tips and tricks, are you interested in starting to learn them? Learn from trusted sources or trained professionals.