Extreme Long Shot Reveals the Incredible Beauty of Long Distances

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Extreme long shot is one of the shooting techniques based on camera shots. Its application is based on the distance of the camera to the object of shooting.

In addition to camera shots, in the world of photography also know shooting techniques based on the point of view or the cool term is angle. When interested in entering the world of photography, know well what a long shot is and camera angles so that the visual results of the shots are more aesthetic.

Extreme Long Shot

Getting to Know the Extreme Long Shot in Photography Techniques

Photography is more than just capturing a moment, it’s also about how we can express a message through the lens of a camera. In photography, we know the existence of techniques that can expand the view while dramatizing objects in an image.

The technique is the extreme long shot technique. One thing is for sure, that a long shot will result in a unique and interesting visual composition.

If you prefer shooting in wide and wide areas, consider using this technique. Another advantage of this long shot technique is that it is effective for shooting even if you are in a place that is far enough. Let’s say capturing a vast scene.

For best visual results, find and define objects in the long shot area. The photographer will have no difficulty in focusing and taking pictures.

In this extreme long shot, the photographer will capture the object from a great distance. The result seems to look very small in the frame. From this, we can conclude that this technique is not just about capturing images, but also about creating a visual artwork that stands out

On the other hand, it makes it easy for the viewer to perceive the atmosphere and scale present in the photo. Generally, the use of extreme long shots is in landscape photography as well as film cinematography.

Main Purpose

So, what exactly is the purpose of this one long shot technique? From this understanding, it is clear that extreme long shots aim to show a large and impressive area of view located between subjects or objects in one frame.

Taking a picture in the fantasy world area, the charm of natural scenery, to the unique architecture of buildings often uses this technique. This technique serves as a lure for a large area.

Another goal is to obtain dramatic and aesthetically valuable camera shots. To achieve this goal, photographers can add other props to sweeten the final visual. So, it’s not just the background and subject.

In addition to photography, extreme long-shot techniques are also good for videography needs. For example, documentation with moving images seems realistic.

Whether beginners or professionals, it is important to study extreme long shot carefully. In addition to making the image composition look wider, we can also enjoy and capture the objects of beauty in it.