Frog Angle Shooting Technique, Your Photos Look Cooler

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In the world of photography, there are various photo techniques that you can master as a photography enthusiast. Well, one of the interesting techniques that you should explore is the frog angle shooting technique. 

Some of you might be familiar with this technique. Unlike the bird eye technique that takes photos from a height, the frog eye technique uses an angle parallel to the ground. Yes, this photography technique is inspired by frogs or frogs that are often on low surfaces such as the ground.

Frog Angle Shooting Technique

Getting to know the Frog Angle Shooting Technique

When applying the frog eye technique, you point the camera upwards to create an angle of view that resembles a frog’s eye. As a result, the object you photograph will appear larger than its actual size. 

Also, to achieve optimal results, there are some tips that you can apply regarding the frog eye photo technique. Let’s take a look at those tips!

Don’t Use Flash

First, avoid using the flash on your camera. Every camera is generally armed with a flash feature that users often utilize to provide additional light. 

However, to ensure maximum frog eye photo results, you should avoid using the flash. Especially when photographing living things such as children or animals. The use of flash can cause red-eye syndrome, which makes the eye color look sharp.

Pay Attention to the Weather

Next, pay attention to the weather conditions before starting the shoot. Choose the right moment, such as early morning or late afternoon, where natural light is sufficient. It is also important to pay attention to the lighting settings to achieve optimal exposure. So you will get the most out of the frog angle shooting technique.

Lens Selection

Lens selection is important in the frog eye technique. There are two types of lenses that you can use for maximum results. First, a telephoto lens will keep the proportions of the object to keep it looking proportional. 

Meanwhile, a wide lens can make the object look bigger. Choose a lens that suits the effect you want to achieve.

Besides the lens, pay attention to the camera you are using. You should choose a camera that comes with a screen that you can rotate. This will make it easier to adjust the settings during shooting and produce more optimal photos.

Utilize Live View Shoot

Take advantage of the live view shoot feature on the camera. This feature allows viewing objects through the LCD monitor, replacing the traditional way of looking through the viewfinder. So, for maximum results in the frog eye technique, make use of the live view shoot feature.

Use Continuous Shoot Mode 

Continuous shoot mode can also be used to take multiple photos in one shot. By utilizing continuous shoot mode, there will be more photo options that you can choose from later.

For beginners, it would be better to choose objects that are easy to manage, such as inanimate objects that do not move. Managing live objects might be more difficult for beginners.

Finally, remember that patience is the key to producing good photos. The results of learning frog angle shooting techniques will not be immediately apparent. Hence, it takes consistent practice. Patience is needed, especially when photographing living objects.