Food Photography Techniques for Instagrammable Photos

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The following food photography techniques can help you produce aesthetically pleasing and undoubtedly Instagram-worthy food photos. You can capture them using a smartphone, DSLR, or other types of cameras. Food photography itself is a genre that uses food as its subject.

Although photographing food may seem simple, producing truly outstanding photos is not an easy task. It requires specific skills and techniques to capture food in a visually appealing manner. So, if you’re someone who frequently photographs food, it’s essential to understand the right techniques to ensure you produce excellent and aesthetically pleasing food photos.

This way, you can share your food snapshots on social media platforms. Proficient food photography skills can also be beneficial if you are a culinary entrepreneur. You can showcase well-photographed food products to attract a broad customer base.

Food Photography Techniques

Food Photography Techniques You Can Try

The techniques for photographing food are not too difficult and can be tried at home. You can immediately practice these photography techniques on the food you buy or the dishes you cook at home. Now, here are some techniques you can apply:

Create a Simple Concept with Available Tools

The first food photography techniques by creating a simple concept using tools available in the kitchen. For example, arrange plates, spoons, forks, glasses, or other utensils around the food. However, make sure to choose props with simple patterns so that the details of the food remain the main focus.

Serve Food in Small Portions

If you want to photograph your homemade dishes, present them in small portions. Small portions look appealing and can create interesting results compared to large, plate-filling portions. This technique also directs viewers’ focus towards the food on the plate.

Maximize Natural Light

Another food photography techniques is to ensure that the food you’re photographing has adequate lighting. If the lighting is too bright or too dark, the photo may not turn out as expected. To achieve good lighting, utilize natural light from the morning or evening sun.

Capture Images from Above

The most appropriate angle for photographing food is from above. Whether you’re capturing cakes, soups, meat dishes, or other food items, taking photos from above can showcase the entire dish and make it look Instagram-worthy. However, if the food is like a burger, you can photograph it from the side to highlight its deliciousness.

Those are some food photography techniques you can try. With these techniques, you can capture aesthetically pleasing and beautiful food photos and confidently share them on social media.