2 Silhouette Photography Technique for Aesthetic Results

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The silhouette photography technique is a technique often us when taking pictures so that it is not monotonous. This technique exploits the effect of reflected light shadows on subjective grasshoppers. So what is captured by the camera is the shadow of the subject.

This technique is used when photographing subjects in environments where the light is low or where the background may be full of light. This way the photos will look aesthetic and not too monotonous.

2 Silhouette Photography Technique for Aesthetic Results

Silhouette Photography Technique to Make Photos More Aesthetic

A silhouette photo is a photo that shows the outline or edge of a subject. The subject photo in the silhouette photo only appears as a black shadow. This makes subject details invisible. There are several techniques that you can apply to produce a silhouette photo. The following are techniques for taking silhouette photos that you can try.

Indoor Silhouette Photo

You can take silhouette photos in several environments. One of them is indoors. To create a silhouette in a room, there are two techniques that you can use, namely natural light and artificial light.

If you want to use natural light, then you should take photos near a window that has a light source. Then place the subject in front of the window and take a picture against the direction of the light. In essence, a silhouette photo will be form.

Then, to take advantage of artificial light, you can use light sources such as lamps, flashes, strobes and so on. Just like photography techniques that use natural light, you need to place the subject in front of the light source so that a silhouette is form.

To make the martial arts effect more visible, you can use a black background as the background. So, the silhouette that will be formed will be a bright line around the photo subject and other parts that appear dark or black.

Silhouette Photo at Sunrise or Sunset

There is one silhouette photography technique, namely using sunset or sunrise light. These two moments can be the right time to produce silhouette photos. This is because the lighting at that moment was very supportive.

The results of sunrise or sunset light are generally only focused on one thing. Then it is easier to take silhouette photos. Just by taking a photo against the direction of sunlight, the subject can then form the third silhouette of your photo.

One of the advantages of the silhouette photography technique is that the photo background is definitely aesthetic. The sunrise will be visible from the mountains or hills, while the sunset will be visible in coastal areas.