UL Listed Cables

Nowadays where a lot of networking is going on in almost every field of the business in which networking cables plays the most fundamental part because the performance, frequency, speed and reliability all depends directly or indirectly on the cable. Now there are a lot of networking cables available in the market like category5 and category6 which differs in quality and performance, but another thing which plays a major role in major networking cable is the cable’s safety and productivity. To fulfill the requirement of cable’s safety and to make sure that cable meets all the requirements necessary to have in any networking cable there is a test which is undertaken to check the cable’s quality and safety measures and then there is a certification given to cable which is known as “UL listed” certification. This article will be focused on what is the UL certification and how it is achieved and the major UL listed networking cables.

What is UL And What Are Their Standards:

UL is an American global safety consulting and certification company located in Northbrook Illinois, and they have branches in 46 other countries. To achieve UL certification is not a big deal if your cable meets all the qualities and capabilities which are recommended that a cable must be equipped with all of these qualities. To achieve UL certification, your cable must pass the laboratory test undertaken by UL officials in the lab. And if the cable matches all the qualities and specs defined by the UL officials then a certification is granted to the cable to assure that the cable meets all the requirements and is considered to be perfect in any condition. As UL is one of the approved safety testing companies by the US federal agency, therefore, a lot of people prefer UL certified products. Therefore, it is recommended that your cable must be UL certified to get success.

Cat5e Plenum Pure Copper UL Listed:

One of the major networking cables which are certified by UL is Cat5e plenum bare copper or solid copper which consists of 100% copper and supports speed up to 1 gigabyte and frequency up to 350 MHz which are quite a common and widely used cables in networks. This cable can be certified by UL by passing them through the laboratory test which could be a great plus for your product because people prefer UL listed cable because they are certified to have quality and advanced performance and also safe to use at home or office.

Cat6 Plenum Bare Copper UL Listed:

Category6 or Cat6 is quite the latest advancement in networking cables as it supports speed up to 10 gigabytes and frequency up to 550 MHz which is considered to be the ideal choice for any networking installations. Cat6 plenum solid copper consist of 100% copper which assists in providing an excellent user experience, therefore, it is the most popular and widely used choice amongst most of the peoples. Cat6 plenum solid copper cable can be certified by UL by undertaking the Lab test which is the the1st choice for the people who use networks on a large scale.

Therefore, it is highly recommended that you must undergo the UL certification test of your networking cables to satisfy the user and check the quality of your product.