How to Export Mailboxes From Apple Mail to Microsoft Outlook?

Want to switch from Apple Mac OS to a Window Computer and worried about how to get your emails from apple mail into your new Windows PC. As the maker of MacBook doesn’t make it easy to move to from Mac OS to Windows with all your data because all your personal data and settings will remain locked up. Migrating your mailboxes from Apple Mail to Outlook email client in Windows manually is not quite easy Here we read the full manual step by step procedure to export Apple Mail to Outlook

In this manual method, we manually export Apple Mail mailboxes as an MBOX file and import it to Outlook using another two other email clients Eudora and Outlook Express. We have to perform the full migration procedure in four major steps.

STEP 1: Manually export Apple mail mailboxes to an MBOX file.

1. Open Apple Mail in your Mac Computer.

2. Choose one or multiple mailboxes from the sidebar

3. Then, select Mailbox > Export Mailbox option.

4. Select a folder and click Choose.

5. This will automatically save your mailboxes as an MBOX file (for example name of the file is ABC) in the selected folder.

(Copy and move this ABC file to your new Windows Computer.)

STEP 2: Create MBX using Eudora email client.

1. At 1st rename the ABC file to ABC.mbx to change the file extension from mbox to mbx.

2. Move the ABC.mbx file to the folder where Eudora stores their data by default.

(C:Documents and Settings Application DataQualcommEudora).

3. Now open the Eudora application and double click on ABC.mbx file to finish the file creation process.

Note: If you don’t have Eudora email client then download & install it on your Windows PC)

STEP 3: Import the ABC.mbx file in Outlook Express.

1. Download and Install Outlook Express.

2. In the Outlook express go to File and select on Import option.

3. Here choose Messages option and choose Eudora from the list.

4. Now, click on Next and then browse and select ABC.mbox file and click OK.

5. Click Next and then Finish Button.

STEP 4: Move emails from Outlook Express to Microsoft Outlook.

1. Open MS Outlook and in the File menu click on Open.

2. Here click on Import option to open Import/Export Wizard.

3. Here select Import Internet Mail and Addresses and click on Next.

4. Now select Outlook Express 6.x, 5.x, 4.x or Windows Mail option and click Next button.

(Make sure Import Mail option is checked.)

5. After the full accurate procedure, you can access the imported mailbox in Outlook