International Calls Made Cheaper With Mobile VoIP

This is the age of VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). It seems that everyone has ditched the traditional telephony system to take up the smarter way of alternative communication worldwide, and that is VoIP.

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) uses a very unique technology to allow users on the same VoIP network the ability to make free calls. Yes, you read it right – free! By leveraging one’s existing broadband connection, VoIP providers can make calls to another VoIP user based in an international destination with the broadband connection only. Another impressive point about VoIP communication is, due to the digital nature of VoIP communication, there are much more features to it than a standard phone. Apart from broadband, a computer may be necessary for the process. However, some providers supply a VoIP phone for making the calls without the need of any PC. It is also possible to convert your mobile handset into being compatible with VoIP through a mobile dialer app.

Mobile VoIP frees the caller from any limitations as he does not need to be restricted to a place to make any call. The mobile VoIP can work with the cellphone’s 3G, 4G, GSM, or other Internet service to make calls. The voice calls are sent as digital signals over the web using the voice over IP technology. At available hotspots, mobile VoIP calls can be made eliminating the costs of any cellular voice or data plan completely.

Here’s in a nutshell how you can bring down your international call costs with mobile VoIP:

1. With mobile VoIP, smartphone users can make the most of low costs when they are calling or texting international destinations. The data transmission also happens typically faster as the data travels through multiple packets traveling over the web to reach the destination.

2. The mobile VoIP dialers can be used Wi-Fi hotspots with utmost ease. That means, the mobile VoIP users can cut the cost of the carrier’s 3G service and make calls using the Wi-Fi network. With monthly data plans from carriers, there is always chance of exceeding maximum bandwidth limits and running up the bills. Using Wi-Fi hotspots gives users the liberty to be limited within the data plans.

3. Mobile VoIP plans eliminates need of subscribing to any voice plans or texting packages from the carrier. The cell phone users can now make use of their data plans to make unlimited free or low-cost calls to international destinations using the Voice over Internet Protocol.

4. With mobile VoIP, it is possible to make low cost and one-click calls utilizing the VoIP termination gateways. Some of the VoIP providers also offer advanced features like free worldwide dialing.

5. VoIP providers also extend the service of offering calls internationally to non-VoIP users at a nominal additional rate. Though the procedure is the same as a standard phone setup, it is free of the high expense that comes with a conventional telephony system.

The world is slowly but steadily turning into a digital community and mobile VoIP is the new way of communication. Not only does it make international calling easy and accessible but also makes international communications cheaper like never before.